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Healthy Voices Last a Lifetime

It was recently brought to my attention in several different ways why I teach the way I teach. What I mean by that is, the way I approach the production of sound when singing. There is a lot of pressure to produce certain sounds as a singer.

Not all of them are healthy, or conducive to the longevity of the voice. When a student enters my studio, I have several goals. One of them is to give them the tools to use their voice for many, many years to come.

Though there are ways to “wow” a crowd with various techniques, I don’t agree with the ones that cause damage to the voice. It’s not worth it to hurt oneself for the sake of what some would praise. So, former, current, and future students, thank you for allowing me to protect, preserve, and strengthen the instrument that is precious and unique to each one of you - your voice.

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