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"I've been taking voice lessons with the amazing Joy Ciaffoni of It's A Joy Music Studio for the past 3 months. I AM LOVING THESE VOICE LESSONS!!!! And ironically, learning to breathe correctly to sing better is actually also teaching me how to better manage my anxiety. If you've ever considered taking voice lessons or have been curious, I recommend reaching out to Joy. Not only am I singing better (so that I no longer cringe when I sing in front of others) I truly enjoy them and feel way more vibrant. Dare I say that the more I sing, the younger I feel and look and the happier I am....? Yes, yes I am saying that this is absolutely true and research agrees."


"I've been taking lessons with Joy for almost four years now and I can't express the incredible improvements she's helped me make on my voice, musicality, sight-reading, and emotional engagement. It's one thing to be an excellent music teacher-- and entirely another to be a compassionate, engaged mentor. Luckily for me, Joy is both. I've spent my whole vocal career hiding in the depths of the Alto II section, and Joy has helped me expand my range, become more confident in my sound, and embrace the secret opera singer I've had inside me all along. I highly recommend her and her services."


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